Famiglia Castellani

Castellani - Wine.Tuscany.Tradition.

Italy, and especially Tuscany, remains a place of longing beyond the Alps. Many have childhood memories and get vacation feelings at the thought of the rolling hills, olive groves and picturesque villages in Tuscany. The wines of the Famiglia Castellani are a reminiscence of this feeling of the familiar in the distance. Piergiorgio Castellani is the fifth generation to run the renowned Famiglia Castellani winery. With great passion and a clear commitment to authentic wines, he and his team of experienced winemakers have earned a reputation far beyond the borders of Tuscany. The heavy bottles with their richly decorated, time-honored labels recall the founding of the winery at the beginning of the 20th century. In 1903, Alfredo Castellani officially registered with the Pisa Chamber of Commerce to export his wine. Famiglia Castellani awakens a longing for nostalgic Italy and represents a piece of permanence in today's fast-moving times.

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