authentic wines from Hungary

BALATON, the robust red wine from Hungary, comes from the Dél-Balatoni wine-growing area south of Lake Balaton. The Balatonboglári Borgazdasági Zrt. wine cellars on the south-eastern bank of the Balaton in Balatonboglár with its rich tradition, craft the aromatic wines of the region. The company manages around 3,500 hectares. The Balatonboglári wine cellars are over 160 years old and were formerly the tithe cellars for the diocese of Veszprém. With a capacity of around 4,000 hectolitres and a surface area of over 500 square metres, this is the largest wine cellar in the region. The carvings in the large oak casks representing the vineyard’s patrons are particularly interesting. As in the other wine-growing areas in Hungary, the wine around Lake Balaton is harvested in August. In many places this is celebrated with large wine festivals with remarkable processions in wonderful old costumes. One of the most famous wine harvest festivals known as the “Boglári Szüret” is held every year in Balatonboglár itself. This takes place over several days and welcomes thousands of visitors every year to join in the celebrations and enjoyment.