Barone Montalto

Sicilian soul with a modern twist

Anyone who really wants to discover Sicily drinks Montalto. Since 2000 authentic, origin-specific wines have been crafted representing Sicily in all its abundance and fertility. Italy’s largest island is blessed with all of nature’s bounty: fertile soils, mountains, hills and the sea. It is the sea in particular, with its incredible colours, clear water and wonderful beaches, that is another reason for Sicily’s reputation as one of the world’s most beautiful islands. It’s why Barone Montalto settled in the community of Santa Ninfa with 5,000 inhabitants – one of the island’s youngest wine estates. Highly motivated, professional and open-minded, Barone Montalto combines carefully selected modern elements of winemaking with traditional methods. >>You can taste our commitment to the region and our enthusiasm in every one of our wines.<< Federica Lauterio

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