Jubiläumskellerei Kaltern

Unique South Tyrol

A strange microcosm of wine growing has developed between the Mediterranean and the Alps, Austria and Italy. The Jubiläumskellerei on the shores of Lake Caldaro has a long history of viniculture. At the start of the 19th century South Tyrol became the Habsburgs’ wine vault thanks to its mineral-rich, crisp and clearly structured wines, and the cellars founded in 1908 became the personal and court supplier to the Emperor. The differences in the climatic and soil conditions around Lake Caldaro give the wines their unmistakeable character. The grapes are looked after at the vineyard with great care and dedication and only harvested by hand when fully ripe. Based on his outstanding experience and knowledge, cellarmaster Andrea Moser effortlessly combines the latest cellaring techniques with tradition. This produces wines of the highest quality that take the South Tyrolean lifestyle all around the world.

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