Brave to oppose the trend! With Bone Dry


These wines are an experience even before opening the bottle. Because the innovative features of the wines live up to their name and convince with a rough sandpaper feel that is unique on the market.

The idea behind the Bone Dry concept is to offer an alternative to the big trend of recent years: Big & Bold. With this in mind, the three wines with <1g residual sweetness are not only dry, they also convince with a low alcohol content as well as a crystal clear character and a fine fruity aroma.

The brand starts with the courage to embrace new trends and is awarded for this. The Sauvignon Blanc and the Pinot Noir were awarded gold at the Berlin Wine Trophy 2020 - Winter Tasting.


We have found the ideal partner for this project in the traditional winery Saget La Perrière: The brothers Arnaud and Laurent Saget are the ninth generation of the Saget family to grow wine in the Loire. The fact that they know their craft is proven not least by numerous awards.

The perfectly balanced pure varietal cuvées of fruity, intense Languedoc wines and crisp, fresh Loire qualities are the perfection of two origins.