Don Melchor

The founder’s wine

The wine is named after the founder, Don Melchor Concha y Toro. He and his wife Emiliana Subercaseaux brought the first fine vines with them from Bordeaux and planted them in 1883 in the small town of Pirque near Santiago. Today, Don Melchor is one of the world’s top wines. No detail is spared during production, from the vineyard to the bottle. The vineyards are divided into blocks with similar soil conditions. The whole team around winemaker Enrique Tirado works to develop wines that provide the ultimate expression of the Cabernet vines and the distinctive features of the Puento Alto terroir. Enrique Tirado is Head Winemaker for Don Melchor. He has grown up knowing the distinctive features of the wine since he was a small child. After leaving school he studied oenology and wine growing at the Catholic University of Chile and began work at Concha y Toro in 1993. He started out being responsible for the premium brands and is now Head Winemaker for Don Melchor. Wine is his real passion. He loves his work and could never imagine having any other profession.

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