Kopie von Teaser SULU
It tastes good to do good

The demand for regional products is unbroken; according to a recent survey, 25% of consumers favour them. The same applies to organically grown food, especially in the wine segment: 23% of global organic wine is now sold in Germany. Our new URBAN ROOTS brand combines both trends - and goes even further! 

Andreas Roll is the winemaker behind Urban Roots. He and his family are already the fourth generation to run the Gustavshof vineyard in the heart of Rheinhessen, about 30 km south of Mainz. The farm has 18 hectares of vineyards. Since 2004, these have initially been cultivated organically, before the conversion to organic dynamic viticulture according to Demeter guidelines took place in 2012. In addition, all wines are produced and vinified vegan.

Andreas Roll's wines stand for the best taste and the highest quality. In addition, he focuses on the preservation and promotion of healthy terroir and vines. Andreas Roll not only relies on the typical grape varieties of the region, such as Pinot Gris and Riesling, but also on innovative new varieties: he has long been a man of conviction and can now demonstrate a long experience in the cultivation of fungus-resistant PiWi grape varieties. These grape varieties are more robust and significantly less susceptible to fungal diseases, so that less pesticide is needed in cultivation.

With our new brand URBAN ROOTS, we are focusing on these innovative grape varieties: For the white version, we combine the PIWI grape variety Johanniter with classic Pinot Gris, while the red wine combines Pinot Noir with Cabernet Cortis. 

With URBAN ROOTS we take organic wines to the next level and consistently apply the idea of sustainability to all areas: The wines are grown organically and aged with the utmost care in the cellar, using resistant PiWi grape varieties. The paper used for the labels is made of grass and is manufactured in Germany, making it particularly resource-friendly. The bottle has no unnecessary weight in order to keep CO2 emissions during transport as low as possible. And last but not least, we are actively engaged in saving the climate with Urban Roots: Through our partnership with Plant-for-the-Planet, every single bottle ensures more trees in the world!