The Provencal way of life in a cross-category twin-pack

The unique scent of the garrique, the chirping of crickets and cicadas, the gentle warmth of the sun and the gusts of the "Provence wind" Mistral, create moments of happiness and love.

The wines Cuvée Mistral - Côtes de Provence reflect the diversity of the Provence and are therefore the perfect match for this simple lifestyle that focuses on the essentials. For the Mediterranean pleasure, the grapes are selected with the greatest care and only grapes from the best terroirs of the Côte de Provence wine region are used.

Provence is also known for its herbs and spirits. Therefore these two Mistral Cuvées complement the MistralGin, the first Dry Rosé Gin from Provence.


MistralGin is the first Dry Rosé Gin from Provence. This gin surprises with fresh, distinctive aromas, fascinates with its subtle pink color and brings the Provence into your home.

The gin is made from 6 typical Gin Botanicals and 6 other Provencal Botanicals, which are macerated and distilled separately. Thyme, basil, fennel, grapefruit, eucalyptus and mint give the gin its unique notes and convey the feeling of Provence.

This gin is an exceptional taste experience and a tribute to the unique lifestyle of southern France.


The grapes for the Cuvée Rosé are harvested in the early morning hours and gently pressed to make them as fresh as possible. The light pink color of the wine is reminiscent of ripe lychee and the taste of the cuvée is characterized by exotic fruits.

Part of the grapes come from Lorgues, a key area for the rosé production of Provence, as is the case with the Cuvée Blanc. The other part comes from Coeurs & Pierrefeu. At an altitude of around 400 meters, the vines benefit from both maritime and continental climatic influences. These conditions give the grapes intense fruit sweetness and freshness.



The barren soils and hot climate of Provence provide the ideal conditions for the Vermentino grapes to thrive. This grape variety gives this cuvée the wonderfully fruity aromas of ripe pear and apple. The freshness, liveliness and light acidity of this wine is given by the addition of Ugni Blanc.

This Cuvée Blanc convinces with its intense fruit and freshness. In the nose, aromas of citrus fruits dominate. Spicy pear aromas perfectly round off the taste of this expressive wine.

The grapes of the Cuvée Mistral Blanc come from Lorgues. The area is famous for its truffle culture, olive groves and winegrowing tradition.